September 13, 2012

foursquare badges, getglue stickers and more

for the last couple of months I have been busy with them :) pretty fun to track them
the applications contains simple term call gamification:
wiki definition:
Gamification is the use of game design elements,[1] game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts

So do something in the app and get your achievement now


foursquare : no defition needed I guess
all the badges and badge wallpaper and more badges on their google map
application that you


same for
untappd : drink share and get your badges
untappd badges and badges wallpaper


Getglue: Share what you are watching on tv and get your stickers (not badges :) )
Getglue stickers, getglue sticker times,timeline or calendar getglue sticker wallpaper

hope you like achivy :)

December 16, 2008

new blogs

here are new blogs.
hope you'll like them

December 11, 2007

November 14, 2007

Iterations for SOA

SOA platform migration plan.

Resolve Dependency Among Applications

If you are planing to move your old applications to a SOA platform for all its benefits. You should resolve the dependency and the relation between applications. Any direct database/file/library access should be clearly defined.

Write Clear Interfaces to Connect Applications(WS)

Refactor your applications and extract interfaces that will be used among applications. You can easy export those interfaces with your app server or use XFIRE for easy wsdl and webs ervices.
This steps also includes java/XML binds XSD/WSDL definetions.

Generate notifications for external Listener(JMS)
to bind listeners, applications should trigger event via JMS. you can create Queues for any third party implementations.

Extract Process form code base to a BPM engine
define your process add flow via a visiual BPM/BPEL editor add run your process on the machine

September 28, 2007

moving to my notebook :)

Yesterday I got my notebook and today I am busy with it:)
or let's say enjoying it:)

nice notebook pretty notebook I'll format you delete all files, I'll setup lot of project nice notebook pretty notebook

And As you can guess I will be whole week event :)

what I have done up to now

jdk 6u2
idea 6.0.6
maven 2.0.7
postgres 8.2

and checkout my projects to test the performance :)

July 3, 2007

Multi-Tier Clusters

Today most of projects are build upon a composite structure that has multiple different APIs. Since many of them is unaware of the others and has its of implementation and dependency , every one of them should be have its own configuration which will make them work as a single application.

This is the hard point in fact "To bundle them in single application"

An Example:

in a sample medium size application like AppFuse would be using Hibernate/JPA, Acegi,SpringFramework,JasperReports, JSF, Tomcat/Jetty and so on. it is all good even perfect when you are run in a single JVM. but if you want to build a cluster for only a load balancing you should configure every one by one.

In other world you be building a multi tier cluster for each APIs , which would be harder rhan implemation for some old fashioned singleton type application (a type of application which has lots of static variable and caches)

your applcation would be looking like this.

what should be your success criteria

performance : cluster should not slow down the application in a critical point
transaction: any rollback should be noticed
failover: in case of any instance fail over any other one can replace it.
seamless: the cluster mode should be seamless. should be hidden behind proper interfaces

today most open and commercial API support clusters. but in most cases you would implement a yous own schema for your own needs . before start you should read some articles about "Distributed Application" , you can use any distributable caching, maps, or JMS bridges between your components

June 13, 2007

Clustering Acegi via JGroups (DistributedHashtable)

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