June 13, 2007

Clustering Acegi via JGroups (DistributedHashtable)

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Orion Letizi said...

Have you tried this with Terracotta? If you can do it with ehcache, we might be able to slot in underneath seamlessly. We've been working with Greg Luck to cluster Ehcache.

If you're interested in trying it out, pop on over to the Terracotta mailing list, forums, or IRC channel.


Mert Can Akkan said...

in fact I haven't use terracotta yet but when I watched the demos and documents my first idea was this solution more simple since it is still light-weight java application with standard java,tomcat, spring.

Andrey Podgurskiy said...

link for source & binary seems not to be working :(

Mert Can Akkan said...

please visit my new blog