May 28, 2007

anti-JSF thoughts

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anti-JSF thoughts


Stas Ostapenko said...

Hi !
It seems to be that JSF is ugly ? I saw so many articles something like "JSF Sucks !" but very little "JSF Rocks !". Can you sound some pretty things in JSF from your experience ?

Mert Can Akkan said...


in fact I haven't try it in a professional project , just in prototype projects with my favorite ide intellij !!! , not in a JSF supported enviroment. ı have heard same talks from my colleagues

But I can say JSF seems perfect at the begining just like Delphi or jsr 168 portal servers but as you develop it would become more painful, you cannot satify any of the request from your manager or your customer listed above :( thats where your project would become pain.